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Help Your Spirit Soar with Native American Gifts

There is a train of thought in modern society that we are getting too far away from traditional values and out of touch from Mother Earth. If you are one of those people who agree with that or know someone who does, then Colleen's Gardens & Native American Products is a place to find products which will help ease that out-of-touch sensation.

Native American gifts provide a conduit between mundane everyday life and a simpler time of pure values, elders who are honored, self-reliance, and a deep-seated respect for nature. These gifts help lift the spirit and center oneself onto the features of life which are truly important.

Following Traditional Practices

Colleen Cordell, our founder, follows traditional practices in developing products for our customers. Those practices run deep within her family as shown by her connection to elders who helped her learn all about the power and strength within prayer herbs.

For more than 50 years, Colleen has harvested and handcrafted products following the respectful process of never taking more from nature than she needs. That means all our products are created in harmony with nature and native practices and carry an air of authenticity.

Products for Everyone

Perhaps you’re not in the market for sage, bitterroot, or sweet grass, maybe your interests are inclined more toward handcrafted products such as dream catchers or pipe bags. You can find what you need at Colleen's Gardens & Native American Products as the Colleen also creates products that proudly feature Native American beadwork.

Contact us for more information about our products. We proudly ship nationwide from our location in Marvin, SD.